Monthly Archives: May 2007

Copyright News

On this day in 1790, the U.S. Congress enacted the federal copyright law, which at the time protected works for 14 years with the chance for one renewal. The current copyright term is now the life of the author plus 70 years. In other news, the Associated Press announced today… Read More»

Hypertext Timeline

Google Labs offers an interesting new feature: timeline view. Users can now see their search results in the form of a timeline. From Google’s experiment description page: See results on a timeline or map. With the timeline and map views, Google’s technology extracts key dates and locations from select search… Read More»

Reading List Updated

I added a little more advanced version of the Reading List feature today. It pulls links from my links in a specified category and displays them on the page. You can find the link to it in the right navbar. I’ll probably discontinue the reading list that populated the… Read More»


Men’s Fitness magazine seems to have altered an image of tennis player Andy Roddick that appears on the cover of the current issue. Several celebrity news sites picked up the story, which Roddick then mocked on his own blog, according to New York Times reporter Adam Newman. Roddick said the… Read More»

Book Review

I finished William Martin’s The Lost Constitution (Forge Books, 2007) this afternoon, reluctantly. Up until last week, when I spotted the novel on the new arrivals table at the bookstore, I had not heard of Martin, who began writing the adventures of historical document hunter Peter Fallon in the 1970s.… Read More»

New Site Design

I learned from reading a random article on a blog about blogging that said a site redesign is a good way to perk up your writing. Let’s see if that’s true, shall we? I have now customized two new templates for the site and will be switching back and forth… Read More»


Rich Gordon at the Readership Institute has written a brief introduction to a new digital journalism program at Medill (Northwestern University) that offers scholarships to computer science majors and technologists. The goal is to join technologists and journalists together into an efficient hybrid, because, as Gordon writes, the two camps… Read More»

Book Burning

The owner of a used bookstore in Kansas City, Missouri, says he will burn up to 20,000 books from his warehouse stock–books he could not even give away to libraries or other shops–to protest what he sees as the decline of the printed word.

E-Mail Bankruptcy

Some people are wiping their hands of e-mail, the Washington Post reported Friday. One witty blogger said he was “bankrupt” under a storm of e-mail and was starting over, though Sherry Turkle may have coined the term in 1999. It’s a trend that Post reporter Mike Musgrove found happening in… Read More»