Bloom on King

I picked up Bloom’s Modern Critical Views: Stephen King (Chelsea House, 2007) today and found that Bloom, the elit­ist who must find redemp­tive social value in every text he reads, has grudg­ingly accepted Stephen King:

“There are depths beneath depths, and clearly King is prefer­able to the sadis­tic Anne Rice, whose fic­tions are pro­foundly unhealthy, and whose style is even more tedious than King’s. Nothing intrin­sic in King’s work is nearly so impor­tant as the over­whelm­ing fct of his popularity...[He] has replaced read­ing” (2).

Okay, so it’s not a ster­ling review, but it is a step for­ward. If you are the kind who bends to Bloom’s beck and call, then per­haps this will con­vince you to give King a try. Maybe.