Online authority debate centering on Twitter

Having a lot of fol­low­ers on Twitter doesn’t make you an author­ity. That’s the mes­sage from Jeff Jarvis and John Naughton, who both posted to their blogs recently about whether Twitter should rank tweets by some mea­sure of “author­ity.” Both of them are respond­ing to another post by Loïc Le Meur that calls for search by authority.

I’m in the process of read­ing these three arti­cles now, and I’ll work on read­ing oth­ers that pop up via Google Alerts. Expect me back with a highly regur­gi­ta­tive sum­mary in a day or two.

Edit: Found another one, thanks to the com­ments on Le Meur’s post. Robert Scoble points us to this post at TechCrunch.