Reporter at NY Post admits that company policy says not to credit bloggers

TechDirt reports that a reporter at the New York Post told an independent NYC blogger that it’s company policy not to credit bloggers and their blogs for scoops.

A writer at the blog wrote a blog about an illegal gym in a neighborhood. About a week later, the Post carried a story about the gym too that was clearly based on the blog post.

A reporter at the Post wrote back to the blogger after she complained about not being credited:

Post policy prevented me from crediting you in print. Allow me to do so now. You did a fantastic reporting job. All I had to do was follow your steps (and make a few extra phone calls).

I won’t discuss at length the policy of not crediting blogs (or anyone else). I’ll just briefly explain that as long as we can independently verify every bit of info, we don’t credit.

You will find that the Daily News observes the same policy, but the Times does not. (They often write an explanatory phrase like, ‘The investigation into Mr. Spitzer was first reported in the New York Post.’ That’s not a real one. I just made it up. Although I would note that another Times policy would prevent them from actually printing the name of your blog, presenting them with an unresolvable conflict between two inflexible rules.)

Looking forward to “amplifying” more of your good work in the future.

That last little “amplifying” remark is snarky bullshit, if you ask me.

This is a bit of a wrinkle in the claim that some mainstream media types make that blogs are parasites that only feed off of big media’s hard work.

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