United Kingdom delegation thinks transparency is key to ACTA negotiations

The United Kingdom’s del­e­ga­tion to the nego­ti­a­tions on ACTA, the secret copy­right “treaty” being ham­mered out behind closed doors made this state­ment recently on what is, essen­tially, a European FOIA request for access to parts of the agreement:

More broadly with respect to ACTA the UK con­sid­ers that trans­parency is cru­cial to ensure the legit­i­macy of the agree­ment and to stop the spread of rumours. We believe that the lack of trans­parency is unhelp­ful and do not believe that it is in the pub­lic interest.

The full response is below. It comes from the blog of the per­son who sub­mit­ted the request.


I should note that one of the top­ics I want to start learn­ing more about is ACTA. Bear with me while I dip my toes into this already deep pool.