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No longer vital

I used to have the time and pas­sion for seri­ous blog­ging, or at least what I thought of as seri­ous blog­ging. That was back dur­ing grad school, before I really got into jour­nal­ism and, by exten­sion, the busi­ness of run­ning a news web­site. I find now that I’d rather be… Read More»

Pica hudsonia

Our local online alter­na­tive news site has noticed that we put up a metered pay­wall on the Chronicle web­site. In a June 6 post­ing, Blake Maxwell writes, “Perhaps this will prove a for­tu­itous deci­sion for the community’s long-running news­pa­per, but we’re cer­tain the new cir­cum­stances will ben­e­fit The Bozeman Magpie.”… Read More»

Time saver

Our com­pany recently switched to using an online, browser-based ser­vice for our timesheets and pay­roll. I won’t name names, mostly because the task of get­ting the new ser­vice into ser­vice at the paper has been a night­mare. What’s the cause of the night­mare? The rumors vary. A lot of them… Read More»

Remembering old blogs

I’ve had a lot of blogs over the years. The first, back when I was a wee under­grad­u­ate in 2002, was just an HTML page that I updated by hand in a pirated ver­sion of Macromedia Dreamweaver as part of an extra credit “online jour­nal” for class. This is, by the… Read More»