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Oregon city commissioner slams newspaper on official blog

A city com­mis­sioner in Portland, Ore., sparked some­thing of an Internet firestorm this week with a pair of posts to his offi­cial city of Portland blog slam­ming the local news­pa­per, the Oregonian. In his orig­i­nal post, titled “Going Richard Sherman on the Oregonian,” Steve Novick says com­mis­sion­ers feel attacked by the newspaper’s “crit­i­cism and contempt.” […]

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Who owns the e-mail interview?

Paul Bradshaw, writ­ing for Poynter, has raised some great ques­tions about inter­views con­ducted by e-mail. Bradshaw was inter­viewed by a reporter via e-mail. At the end of their exchange, Bradshaw asked the reporter if that per­son would mind if Bradshaw pub­lished the e-mail exchange to his blog as raw data. The… Read More»

Blogs and Web logs

John Naughton, on the dif­fer­ence between writ­ing for Web and writ­ing for print: The other dif­fer­ence between writ­ing for print and writ­ing for one’s blog is that there comes a moment with the print essay when it has to be ‘fin­ished’ and dis­patched to the sub-editors: there’s an ‘end-point’, in… Read More»