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Subscription plans won’t stop the free flow of news online

Alan Mutter, who I have written about before (a few times) posted about a week ago about Apple’s new subscription model. No subscription model will stop the free flow of news, Mutter says, much the same as Apple’s iTunes Store failed to stop Internet music piracy. In fact, it will… Read More»

Of shoddy journalism and unhappy commenters

People in the comments on our website often take the Chronicle to task for “shoddy” journalism — or adjectives to that effect. As the chief comment moderator on the site, I see all the criticism. The commenters wondering at our obvious bias (in both directions, mind you), those wondering how… Read More»

Consider the journalism on Twitter, not whether Twitter is journalism

Twitter is a medium and cannot be considered as a whole, writes Alfred Hermida, who’s worried that we’re about to rehash the old argument about whether a new medium “is journalism.” Rather than arguing about whether Twitter is or isn’t journalism, we should shift the conversation to understanding the journalism… Read More»

Thoughts on Pew statistics

About 19 percent of Americans use Twitter or a similar status update service, according to figures from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. That’s up from 11 percent of Americans earlier in the year. Other interesting tidbits from the survey: Of those people who have four or more Internet-connected… Read More»

Journalism’s woes don’t resonate

A few days ago, Columbia Journalism School released the 96-page “Reconstruction of American Journalism” report, which I’m about halfway done reading. Journalism veteran-turned-consultant Steve Outing noted on his blog that the report doesn’t offer a lot of new information for the people who are already well-versed in the media “crisis.”… Read More»