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Richard Sambrook: Transparency is the new objectivity, and the Internet is not your enemy

I came across this post by Mercedes Bunz in the Guardian about a talk given by Richard Sambrook at the Oxford Social Media Convention. Sambrook is the head of the BBC Global News Division. On the importance of objectivity and transparency: Objectivity, he then pointed out, had always been an… Read More»


I’m looking back at an older Almighty Link post with new eyes today. In the post, Kevin Sablan from the Orange County Register imagines a story-streaming platform, similar to what some people do with lifestreaming. “Thinking of each story as an individual ‘life’ helps identify the opportunity for developers to… Read More»

“Quid pro quo, Clarice”: Journalists should be interviewed too

Freelancer John Longhurst writes in the Canadian Journalism Project that journalists should be interviewed at least once a year to remind them what it’s like to be on the receiving end of the questions: That’s why I think every journalist should be interviewed on a regular basis. It serves as… Read More»